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LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

LED Lighted Makeup Mirror


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  • Comes with LED lights in-built!
  • The makeup mirror is very durable
  • Has a very sharp look
  • Easy to use!

The makeup mirror has spent too many years living in the 1950s. These very handy accessories that can help a woman to be able to get ready and to look her best. No matter where she is have taken the standard look that was in vogue 60 years ago and seem to have made this the standard upon which all should continue to be developed.

What makeup mirrors do you usually find? It’s a usually a circular shaped mirror with lights in the four corners or in six spots around the mirror that help to illuminate it so it is easier to see. The mirror resides on a little stand that props the circular object about an inch off of the counter and you simply slide it to the side or throw it into a drawer when you are done using it.

Does that sound familiar? It probably does to the vast majority of you who have seen this kind of mirror at most of the stores that they go to. While it seems to be a great shape and has some functionality, the truth is that these mirrors are simply too antiquated for today’s user. The shape makes is so that your face never fits properly in the mirror unless you sit back, and the lights that are used seem to illuminate the mirror more than they do your face. It is clear that they are expected the light reflecting off the mirror to be the great source of brightness you need, but this never seems to be as good as needed, and don’t even get us started on the putting them away when you are done. They simply are not what you need, especially in this technological age. That’s why you need the best makeup mirror!

LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

LED Lighted Makeup MirrorClearly, there has to be a much better option than simply returning to this old-style mirror to help you to put your makeup on, and fortunately a company has not only come up with a sharp design that looks incredible and makes the task of putting on your makeup a whole lot easier, but also uses the technology of today to enhance the whole appearance of the mirror. That is the LED Lighted Makeup Mirror. This is the best makeup mirror you can find right now!

Just taking a look at this mirror and you can tell that it is the best makeup mirror on the markup. There a large number of reasons to like it and here are some that you will find most appealing.

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LED Lighting –

LED LightingInstead of using bulbs that only offer so much brightness and are prone to burnout on a regular basis, this 8 LEDs lighted makeup mirror gives you the best in terms of today’s technology. This is a lighting system that is using LED lights so that you get high quality brightness that does not strain your eyes as standard bulbs do. Plus, the bulbs are known to have a sustained lifespan than normal, standard bulbs. You will find that this gives you the perfect amount of illumination and will make putting on your makeup a whole lot easier.

Because this mirror is using LED lights, you also can adjust the brightness of the bulb settings. By using the intelligent touchscreen switch, you can brighten or damn the lights accordingly with a simple swipe of your hand. This allows you to get the perfect amount of illumination depending upon the location you are in.

Sharp Look –

What really separates this mirror from any of the other best rated lighted makeup mirrorsSharp Look is that sharp design. This mirror looks as much like a portfolio folder as it does a mirror. It easily closes so that you can put it away in a drawer or even set it on the counter without it taking up much room, or you can slide it under your arm or into your backpack to take it with you anywhere you need to go.

It is this really sharp look that helps to make it one of the best makeup mirrors you will ever find. This is a mirror that is designed to give you a really sharp looking appearance that is functional to your everyday life. No more having to worry about a bulky, round mirror that needs to be in a drawer or sitting on your counter to be put away. Now you can take this mirror with you anywhere you need it, and find that it is very easy to use.


Functionality –


While the appearance really does help to let you know that this is one of the best-lighted makeup mirrors that you will find, a mirror would still be no good if it didn’t help you in performing your task. This design makes putting on your makeup absolutely ideal.

It starts with the fact that you actually get three separate mirrors provided to you. What this does is not only give you a large area in the center piece to be able to see while you are adding and adjusting your makeup, but adds mirrors on two side pieces so that you can angle them to get a different look at how your makeup is being applied. This makes the application process significantly easier.

In addition, there is a stand on the back of the portfolio case that adjusts so that you can set the mirror to the angle that you need during application. This stand closes easily and moves with you so as to make the binder like look sleek.

Another great functionality of this is that you benefit from this being a battery operated mirror. By inserting to CR2025 batteries you have the long lasting illumination that you need to be able to take this mirror with you anywhere you need and still be able to use it. No cord is going to stand in the way of where you are going to use this product. You have the advantage of it being available to you no matter where you go. Plus, because of the fact that this is using LED lights you know that your battery power will last far longer than it would with normal bulbs.

Durability –

you want a lighted makeup mirror that can go as you go, but you also want to make sure that it is one that can handle the rigors of spending the day in your backpack or computer bag. This product is exactly what you are looking for.

This designer mirror is created with durable materials that take a lot of wear and tear before suffering any kind of damage. The lights are made of a durable product as well, and LED lights are known to last much longer than the standard bulb, especially when under duress.

The outside casing of the mirror is meant to handle scrapes without getting scuff marks on it, and will maintain its sharp design and look. Plus, the mirrors are made so that they can withstand a lot of pressure and strain without breaking. No broken mirror here is going to lead you to seven years of bad luck. These mirrors are made to last a long time!

The measurements are that of many standard portfolio folders that you would buy these days. The mirror is just 6” x 5” by less than half an inch making it easily able to slide even in some women’s purses. This makes it perfect on the go style makeup mirror.


Best Makeup MirrorYou can waste your time going back to the standard mirror that has been used for decades…Or you can join the 21st century and get the best makeup mirror that is truly one of the best that you will find on the market today. This fantastic lighted makeup mirror gives you the right kind of illumination to fit your needs, a great design that is easily portable, and the perfect mirrors to be able to apply your makeup with greater confidence and ease.

This simply is the best makeup mirror that you will find on the market for a wide variety of reasons. Especially considering the fact that it is built to accommodate your needs. With adjustable brightness, small size, and ability to take it with you wherever you go, you are going to find that there is no better choice for you then this fantastic makeup mirror. Plus, it costs under $25. You simply can’t beat that.