Multi-Billion Online Gambling Case: Nguyen Van Duong’s Lavish Gifts To Phan Van Vinh And The High-Profile Trial

In the case of running a trillion-dollar online gambling operation, Nguyen Van Duong gave Mr. Phan Van Vinh a sum of money and expensive gifts. According to Nguyen Van Duong’s testimony in court, he gave Mr. Vinh 2 billion Vietnamese dong and continued to give him 200,000 USD monthly. In addition, Mr. Duong also gave Mr. Vinh a Rolex watch, a shirt, and a bottle of liver tonic.

During the trial, when asked about the source of money to buy a watch worth 1.1 billion Vietnamese dong, Mr. Vinh claimed that the money did not come from his salary but from his income from the bonsai business. However, he lost that watch in the restroom of a hotel.

After several court sessions and investigations, Phan Van Vinh admitted to abusing his position and authority. He regretted his actions, causing 92 defendants, 92 related families, and millions of others to suffer.

In this gambling case, Phan Van Vinh received a sentence of 9 years in prison for the crime of abusing his position and authority in the performance of official duties. Additionally, he was fined an additional 100 million Vietnamese dong.

There are some questions related to Phan Van Vinh and the trillion-dollar gambling ring:

  1. Why did Vinh receive a higher sentence than the boss, Phan Sao Nam? Vinh received a higher sentence because he abused his position and authority, as the person in charge who clearly understood the illegal activities and deliberately legitimized the operations of the gambling ring. This was considered an aggravating factor in the case.
  2. What decisions did Phan Van Vinh make for Rikvip? Vinh made decisions to approve the operations of the Rikvip gaming portal in order to legitimize the related documents and not allow any violations below a certain reporting threshold.
  3. Is there a high chance of Phan Van Vinh’s sentence being reduced after the appeal? Vinh submitted an appeal, but the court rejected it and maintained the original sentence. Due to his crucial role in the gambling ring, the likelihood of a reduced sentence is low, even though he tried to make amends for the damages caused.