Top 3 Best Crime Thriller Movies To Watch

Are you a curious bug? Do you like watching mystery movies? Do you enjoy watching Crime thrillers? Then you must definitely watch jiivi,aruvam, and selfie. These movies are the latest edition on the aha platform belonging to the crime thriller genre.

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Plot OfJiivi

JiiviIs a great crime thriller movie. In the movie, you will notice that after a brilliant man has experienced a jinxed romantic affair, he plans something notorious. It is noticed that he, along with his friend, plants to rob his landlady.

After conducting the robbery successfully, he is shocked as a series of coincidences take place in his family and the landlady’s family. Watch the movie to know more about what is the series of events that takes place after he conducts the robbery.


Plot Of aruvam

Aruvam is a horror thriller movie. In the movie, you will notice that a girl who is not even fond of harming an ant is possessed by a spirit ghost. She is possessed by the spirit of Ghost of a man who loves her, and her father wants her to take revenge on the corrupted man who conducted his Murder.

Watch the movie to learn what actions she takes next as she is possessed.


Plot Of selfie

The plot of selfie presence and ill-tempered engineering students who get tangled in an underground College admission racket. It is also noticed that he, along with his friends, gets targeted by a Gang of goons and loan sharks.

Watch the movie selfie to know what happens to the students and how they deal with the situation. The movie prison drama suspense and violence all combined together. The movie also has several emotional pages that are scripted into the plot.

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If you want to watch Tamil thriller movies, then hop right onto the ahaPlatform. On the aa platform, you will get to watch jiivi,aruvam, and selfie. These movies are the latest hit From the genre of crime thrillers. They have an excellent plot along with a great cast. Make sure to check these movies out from the ahaplatform.